All about me!

Hey there!! I am Kaylee Vermeiren, the face behind Nova Lucina. Since November 2020 I started as a student-employee and help you with your branding. I am currently studying at the AP University of Applied Sciences and am in my final year of Graphic Media Technology. Because of this I know perfectly what creative expressions you can achieve on paper! From business cards to flyers and from letter paper to packaging.


I am a very passionate and enthusiastic person, and this shows in all my designs and illustrations. Because I am also very busy making illustrations and like to share these with the world, I decided to offer the illustrations in postcard form and who knows later on as art prints. 


Would you like to collaborate? Then be sure to send me an email about your company and what it stands for, and all your needs and wants! Afterwards we can discuss all the ideas with a nice cup of coffee or tea. 

Be sure to check out my services!

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